This page has some of the finer details to help you find the right furniture for your home. If you are looking for something made to measure or need the depths of a drawer, these details will help.

Please be aware our products are handmade so there will be a millimetre difference with each item made.

Spice drawers

External height 90mm, Internal height 68mm
  • Spice racks, Spice dresser, Glazed and spice dresser, Scotch dresser

Side table drawer

External height 95mm, Internal height 60mm
  • Sidetables, Gallery back table, Hall tables

Bedside drawers

External height 145mm, Internal height 110mm
  • bedsides, bookcases with drawers

Chest drawers

External height 165mm, Internal height 135mm
  • Baby chests, Chest of drawers, TV units, Bedroom desks, Wardrobes, Linen press

Jumper drawer

External height 245mm, Internal height 200mm
  • Jumper chests, Baby jumper chest, Wardrobe on 1 drawers,

Boston drawer

External height 290mm, Internal height 255mm
  • Boston chests

Filing drawers

External height 290mm, Internal height 265mm
  • Filing desks, Filing drawers

Stool leg

Width 55mm
  • Stool legs

Side table leg

Width 65mm
  • Side tables, Gallery table legs,

Small leg table

Width 65mm
  • Small leg tables

Small square leg table

Width 70mm
  • Computer legs, Small square leg table,

Coffee table with shelf leg

Width 70mm
  • Coffee table with shelf

Bench seat leg

Width 70mm
  • Bench seat legs

Coffee table leg

Width 90mm
  • Coffee tables

Farmhouse table legs

Width 90mm
  • Farmhouse table

Square leg table

Width 90mm
  • Square leg table,

Refrectory table leg

Width 115mm
  • Refectory tables

Cornice top

  • Measured from the edge of the body to the tip of the cornice


  • Measured from the edge of the body to the end of the top


  • Thickness of the shelf


  • Measured from the top to bottom

Small plinth

  • Measured top to bottom

Buxton rack tail

  • Measured from the bottom of the shelf to bottom edge tip

Plate rack tail

  • Measured from the bottom of the shelf to bottom end tip

Adjustable hanging b/case tail

  • Measured from the bottom of the shelf to bottom edge tip

Blanket box inside

400mm deep, 368mm front to back
  • Internal measurements

Blanket box overhang

  • Overhang of lid